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ZAZOO Modern Banking Solution Confirmed To Be Launching This Fall

Zazoo, an innovative modern banking solution, is gearing up to launch in the coming months. According to IQGP, a payment technology company headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, and developing Zazoo, the new banking solution is being built to accommodate the needs of remote teams and address the challenges of the gig economy.

In the past couple of years, we have been seeing employees go remote or freelancing, exchanging their traditional 9-5 lives with the more adaptable life of the digital nomad. Businesses realise that they no longer have to limit their talent search based on location. The current banking system has not digested this fundamental shift. Both businesses and individuals face challenges opening banking and payment accounts, and making payments, simply because the infrastructure is not built to accommodate people on the move. This is where Zazoo comes in”, says Aristos Christofides, CEO of IQGP, the company behind the Zazoo brand.

Zazoo aims to provide businesses and individuals with a smooth and easy opening of a payment account with a unique EU IBAN, no matter their country of residence. Users will benefit from Zazoo branded debit MasterCards, and convenient SEPA payments.

Zazoo aims to onboard like minded businesses and allow easy transfers between these organisations and their employees or contractors. Customers will have the security of a service being operated by a  fully regulated entity, Zazoo client funds will be protected using EU regulated safeguarding methods. This means that client funds are never moved, invested, or lent to anyone else without the relevant instructions. The funds are also segregated in the unlikely case of bankruptcy.

Zazoo clients will undergo a standard KYC process for personal accounts. In the case of businesses, opening payments accounts with your own unique IBANs often requires more paperwork and bureaucracy, elements which the platform has simplified, automated and streamlined compared to competitors.

As Mr Christofides points out, “Zazoo is being built with digital nomads, freelancers, and content creators in mind. With the gig economy taking centre stage,  more and more individuals are choosing flexibility in their life/ It is about time the banking industry caught up with the new order of things.

About IQGP and Zazoo

IQGP is driven by 3 principles: Innovation, Simplicity, Transparency. The company was created with the mission to deliver simple yet innovative financial products guided by these values.

Our flagship product, Zazoo (gozazoo.com), is a modern banking solution for remote teams, digital nomads, creators, and all members of the “gig economy”. Zazoo simplifies the whole banking experience and allows users to easily open IBANs, efficiently send/receive money anywhere, anytime, with a fully transparent and low cost structure.


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