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Introducing Zazoo — The Digital Banking Solution Powering The Gig Economy

Zazoo is a modern banking solution geared toward the mobile workforce. With traditional banking solutions built to accommodate the 9-5, office-bound working schedule, a new generation of people finds it hard to sort out their payments and salaries. This is what Zazoo was created for — to be the number one destination for people who want to enjoy the remote work life and the perks of modern banking. Let’s explore some of the details that make Zazoo such an exciting solution.

Zazoo was created for:

  • Social media influencers
  • Freelancers
  • Artists
  • Uber drivers
  • Content creators
  • Remote employees

Here are some of the most important features you can expect from opening a Zazoo account:

  • Choose between Personal and Business accounts
  • We serve all industries, including crypto, gaming, and more
  • Open an IBAN account fast and easy
  • Get a Zazoo MasterCard debit card
  • Instant Zazoo-to-Zazoo payments
  • Automate recurring and batch payments
  • No requirement for European residency or a European entity to open a business account
  • Transparent pricing

The list of features and benefits is long, and every single item on that list reinforces the same goal: instilling financial independence into the new generation of mobile workers. What makes Zazoo unique is the ease with which people can open and start using an account. The long and arduous application processes are a thing of the past as Zazoo proposes a new experience and a new breed of banking technology.

With Zazoo, people can choose the place and nature of their occupation without worrying about how they will receive their salary or whether they’d get flagged or suspended. Zazoo understands the evolution of working culture and has created an offering tailored to the needs of the modern, continuously moving generation.

People should be allowed to work wherever they want and do whatever makes them happy without being financially marginalized. Zazoo makes all of that possible by embracing the changing times and giving people a modern solution to their modern way of life.

Hustling in life should never be accompanied by hassling to open an online bank account. On the contrary, people finding creative ways to make a living should be afforded a straightforward way to send and receive money. This is precisely what Zazoo aims to accomplish. An inclusive digital banking provider that makes it simple and easy for people to use its services.

Safety Before Anything Else

Zazoo was built on the highest safety standards, ensuring that users can trust the platform with closed eyes. From encryption protocols to robust policies and procedures, our primary goal is to build a relationship of belief and assurance with our users. We want people to feel secure at all times, knowing that their funds and data are bulletproof and unreachable by bad actors.

It’s important to mention that any payment within the Zazoo ecosystem is and will remain free. Moreover, Zazoo payment accounts include SEPA bank transfers both in and out. This is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for modern individuals and businesses.


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